Here’s a full list of all available settings, in alphabetical order, and their default values.


To configure the integrated server refer to Server


Each entry must be prefixed with PYPPI_


Defaut None

Allows you to selectively allow user with overwrite_file (Can overwrite uploaded file) permission to overwrite package distributions based on the version number. This is a regular expression, with the default empty string meaning ‘deny all’. A common use-case example of this is to allow development versions to be overwritten, but not released versions:


This will match, 1.0.0.dev3, but not 1.0.0. Note the escaping of the backslash character - this is required to conform to the json format.


Defaut dists


Defaut None

Full path to the distribution upload directory. None means MEDIA_ROOT, if you are running the integrated PyPPi server chek MEDIA_ROOT2 The final full pathname of uploaded file will be:

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